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Unexpected Ways to Enrich your Recovery

by Ashley Smith

Entering recovery opens up a new world to you after you’ve felt the deep darkness of addiction and how it can deplete the joy and energy you once had for hobbies and interests. Through treatment, you work with substance use counselors to get you onto a healthy path to recovery by working out past issues and trauma, as well as building more effective coping mechanisms for the future. The early stages of recovery aren’t always easy, and sometimes you may feel like your new routine gives you too much time alone to think. Sobriety certainly doesn’t have to be boring, and there are many unconventional ways to make your new life more fun.

  1. Go to a comedy club. Some say laughter is medicine, and they’re not wrong since it releases dopamine into the brain. Whether you like sketch comedy or standup, you’re bound to have a great time with friends or solo.
  2. Play an instrument. Sign up for lessons to play an instrument you find enjoyable or one that you play, but want to learn better. It’s a great way to stimulate and rewire your brain.
  3. Start a food drive. Ask your family and friends to put together a large donation that you can drop off at a local food pantry. Speak with them ahead of time to learn about items they need most.
  4. Walk shelter dogs. Take some pups in need of homes for daily walks at a local shelter. The exercise is light and the bond you form with an animal may even lead to a new addition to your family!
  5. Join a gaming club. Video games, board games, card games, they all count! Community centers often have groups that meet for some fun gaming sessions for those who share the hobby.
  6. Learn a life skill. Have you always wanted to learn how to change your own car tire or oil? Maybe you’ve always wished you could hem or sew your clothing. Local community colleges or centers offer these types of classes to the public!
  7. Play a sport. Maybe you played as a child, or you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the game you love watching on TV, there’s no better way to be active and pick up new skills!
  8. Take a road trip. You don’t have to go four states away to see something new. Even driving a couple hours away can lead you to new adventures without having to deal with airports or packing.
  9. Become a member. Join a group you want to stay committed to like a book club, crocheting, gardening, hiking, or anything that interests you. Be sure it’s an official club so it keeps you accountable.
  10. Rearrange your home. Switching up the placement of furniture and pictures on your wall can help you feel like you have a new space, especially if you make it more practical or manageable.

Sobriety doesn’t have to be dull, and you don’t want to spend too much time isolated. There are many small ways that you can add some new flavor to your life without spending too much money or making a huge commitment. These activities can help keep you on track while you work to reach all of your goals.

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Medically Reviewed By:

Health Care Resource Centers Clinical Team

Health Care Resource Centers Clinical Team

Health Care Resource Centers Clinical Team

The Clinical Team at Health Care Resource Centers is our team of physicians and medical directors within the organization. HCRC is a CARF accredited organization and has been providing addiction treatment services for over 32 years in the New England area.

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