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Health Care Resource Centers Jamaica Plain Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (Mat) Program With Methadone

Health Care Resource Centers Jamaica Plain

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Health Care Resource Centers (HCRC) Jamaica Plain offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to patients with opioid use disorder. Our Jamaica Plain, Woodbourne and Stonybrook methadone clinic provides outpatient services with Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. Let our compassionate team give you individualized treatment to assist you during your recovery journey. In addition, we provide individual, group and family substance use counseling to help patients reach their recovery goals and live a life free of addiction.


Our services for patients with opioid use disorder include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment with methadone
  • Substance use counseling
  • Coordinated pregnancy treatment
  • Relapse prevention
  • Guest medication services

During your intake at our clinic, your care team will help you develop a personalized treatment plan. This care strategy will include the services you need for your recovery.

Methadone-Based MAT in Jamaica Plain

At HCRC, we specialize in MAT, a care approach that involves medicine, therapy and structured support. Methadone has seen decades of history helping patients in MAT by relieving their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. You and your doctor will find an amount of methadone that satisfies your brain’s need for opioids without causing euphoria. Once you reach this goal, you can focus on the other aspects of treatment.

Methadone MAT has a structured program that makes it easier to get adjusted to your new recovery habits. You’ll visit our clinic every day to take your medicine so that we can check on your progress. These daily check-ins will help you stay committed to treatment and give you added structure during the start of your recovery. After you meet certain federal and state guidelines, you can begin to take your medicine at home.

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Individual Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder

Professionals consider one-on-one therapy an essential aspect of a MAT program. Some laws require a MAT program to include counseling, which will give you extra support during recovery. Every patient has unique goals in mind during opioid use disorder therapy. Your focus areas will depend on your individual experience with addiction and what parts of your life you want to improve. The goals you’ll focus on during your sessions may include:

  • Reconnecting with family and loved ones
  • Learning coping strategies for situations that trigger the urge to use
  • Returning to the community and workforce as a productive member
  • Reframing your thoughts about opioids
  • Working through traumas related to your addiction

Since opioid use disorder affects all aspects of life, we take a holistic approach to care. Therapy helps patients like you manage addiction outside of the clinic.

Additional Services for HCRC Jamaica Plain Patients

In addition to methadone MAT and its accompanying therapy services, we provide care that addresses other parts of addiction. Our coordinated pregnancy treatment lets us adapt a MAT program to the needs of expecting mothers. During relapse prevention care, we teach patients how to manage relapse risks and what to do if it happens. Patients who come from out of town may also visit us for guest medication services. These types of care allow us to serve every patient’s needs while accounting for their differences.


Free shuttle service to the hospital is available through Forest Hills Straton and the following trains/buses:

  • Train № 21 and № 31 with a bus drop off at hospital grounds
  • № 16 with a bus drop off by Pine Street

We welcome you to contact us for more information or questions about your options for transportation to our clinic.

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If you need assistance on the path to a drug-free life, our team can give you the drug abuse treatment and care you require. You can contact our team online to schedule an intake and begin your MAT services.

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