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Health Care Resource Centers Somersworth Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (Mat) Program With Methadone

Health Care Resource Centers Somersworth

200 Route 108 Somersworth, NH 03878 | P 603-953-0077 | F 603-953-0078


Health Care Resource Centers Somersworth is an outpatient opioid use treatment program. Our clinical team consists of addiction specialist physicians, practitioners and nurses. HCRC patients also receive support from experienced counselors and social workers. New patients receive a complete physical and recommendations for appropriate medical treatment. An essential part of the recovery plan is for patients to meet with their counselor on a regular basis. Patients at HCRC take part in individual or group counseling sessions working toward drug-free living.

At HCRC, we believe that all people are capable of change. Give us a call. We are here to help.


The addiction treatment services we offer at HCRC Somersworth include:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) With Methadone: We specialize in providing MAT with methadone, the industry’s gold standard for more than 50 years. Methadone relieves withdrawal symptoms and cravings to help you work toward recovery. At HCRC, we combine MAT with therapy and support services to increase your chance of success in recovery.
  • Individual Substance Use Counseling: During one-on-one therapy sessions, your counselor will help you create strategies for handling your symptoms. They will teach you how to redirect your thoughts when you have the urge to use opioids. You will also explore the past and current situations that could contribute to your opioid use disorder.
  • Group Therapy: In a group therapy session, the counselor will lead a discussion among you and your peers. All the patients in your therapy group have the goal of recovery in mind, so you can help each other progress. Group therapy gives you a confidential and safe space to talk about your treatment experience with others like you.
  • Relapse Prevention: Our specialists focus on preventing relapse from the first day of treatment. We use a comprehensive approach to ensure you receive the support needed to remain committed to recovery. Your care team will monitor your symptoms and adjust your treatment plan to reduce your chance of relapse.
  • Community Referrals: Many people who have opioid use disorder need additional services from community organizations. We can assist you in finding the right services to improve your quality of life.
  • Addiction Education: We educate patients and the community about opioid treatment and preventing overdose and addiction. Together, we can lower the impact of the opioid crisis.
  • Guest Medication Services: Patients from other clinics may use our guest medication services. We can provide methadone when you need treatment in the Somersworth area.

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Why Choose Health Care Resource Centers in Somersworth, NH?

At HCRC, we understand everyone has a different treatment experience. To meet each patient’s unique needs, we create individualized treatment plans. Every new patient has a clinical and physical intake we use to make the personalized strategy. Your treatment plan will include a combination of MAT, therapy and support services that address every aspect of addiction.

Throughout your treatment, our staff will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. We know every patient is a person, not a diagnosis. When you visit our clinic, you can rest assured we will keep all information confidential. Our team aims to create a therapeutic environment that helps you improve your quality of life.


You may drive or use public transportation to visit our Somersworth location. Our office is across the road from the COAST Bus NH 108/Terrascape Parkway stop on Route 2 – Rochester / Somersworth / Dover / Newington / Portsmouth. Drivers can find our clinic on NH-108, one of Somersworth’s major roads. We provide on-site parking for patients.

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Consider us your partner on the way to an opioid-free life. Please contact us at any time to learn more about our services or schedule an intake appointment. You may call 603-953-0077 or complete our contact form for further assistance.

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