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Health Care Resource Centers Westfield Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (Mat) Program With Methadone

Health Care Resource Centers Westfield

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HCRC Westfield is a medication-assisted treatment program that offers methadone treatment. Our dedicated team is here to support each and every one of our patients through their recovery. In addition to medication-assisted treatment, our center provides counseling services and other supportive services to help patients succeed.


MAT serves as the basis of our treatment services. Many of our patients have MAT-focused care plans that involve taking medicine to relieve withdrawal symptoms. With fewer symptoms, the patient can focus on recovery services like therapy. We offer MAT programs that use methadone.

Methadone has shown us decades of positive results in treating patients with opioid use disorder. With a doctor’s supervision, you can get relief from severe symptoms through methadone-based MAT. At the start of your methadone MAT program, you’ll come to our clinic every day to get your medicine. If you work in the morning, please ask us about our “worker’s window” hours that allow you to come in at an earlier time. After you reach benchmarks set by state and federal rules, you can take your medication at home.

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One-on-One and Group Therapy

Counseling acts as another essential part of a MAT program. At HCRC Westfield, we offer two kinds of opioid use disorder therapy:

  • Individual counseling: If you take medicine for MAT, you’ll also go to therapy sessions with an experienced counselor. You’ll work with your therapist to set unique recovery goals and find strategies to meet them. Everyone has a different experience in opioid addiction therapy based on their symptoms and situation.
  • Group counseling: Your care team may also recommend group therapy. During group therapy sessions, a therapist will guide a discussion among you and your fellow patients. You can share your recovery journey and support each other through treatment.

Therapy can help you manage your opioid use disorder in everyday situations outside the clinic. Your individualized counseling services will give you the support you need to meet your recovery goals.

Additional Services at HCRC Westfield

Other services at our clinic let you get more out of your opioid use disorder treatment. We can refer you to community organizations that offer assistance with housing, food and other necessities. Our case management services will also provide you with a case manager who coordinates the treatment you receive at our clinic.


MassHealth members may qualify for PT-1 transportation. Please contact us to learn how we can help you determine if you have eligibility.

Get the Help You Need to Begin Recovery

We welcome you to contact us to schedule an appointment if you need assistance with opioid use disorder. You can message our team online to book an intake or get more information about our services.

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