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Conveniently located next to Energy Park, HCRC Greenfield offers a methadone-based, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) outpatient program for opioid addiction. Patients receive both individual and group counseling to plan goals and learn how to cope with triggers outside of the clinic. At HCRC, we consider our patients’ success our success. We celebrate every step our patients take during every month’s patient appreciation day. Patients who receive addiction treatment at our outpatient clinic get the support and respect needed for a fruitful recovery.

Why Choose Our Medication-Assisted Treatment Program in Greenfield?

Patients in Greenfield, MA, count on our opioid addiction treatment programs because we are:

  • Experienced: Our first location opened in Westfield in 1989 as Community Substance Abuse Centers. We have more than 25 years of experience supporting patients with opioid use disorder. When you receive our services, you can count on our extensive history of care.
  • Compassionate: At HCRC, we treat the person, not just the diagnosis. Our patients receive care in a respectful and confidential environment focused on personalized treatment. We believe in treating every patient the same way we want others to treat us.
  • Evidence-Based: We use a treatment model based on decades of research. The evidence shows that medication combined with therapy and individual support helps patients follow their recovery plans. Substance use experts have years of data showing MAT’s effectiveness.


Our treatment approach at the clinic focuses on the three main components of evidence-based MAT: medication, one-on-one therapy and group counseling. Your care team will coordinate your services to ensure they help you work toward your treatment goals. We base every treatment plan on your individual needs and symptoms. As your condition and situation change, we will adjust your care strategy.

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Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Methadone has more than 50 years of results proving its ability to help patients manage their symptoms. It reduces the effects of withdrawal and cravings, making it easier to work on recovery. This medication also blocks the euphoria caused by other opioids, which helps prevent relapse. The beginning of methadone treatment involves visiting our clinic every day for a dose. Building this daily habit gives you added structure as you adjust to treatment.

Individual Counseling Sessions

During your one-on-one counseling visits, you will talk about your thoughts, behaviors and past with an experienced counselor. You will work on reframing your thoughts and feelings to build new opioid-related habits. Your therapist will also give you a space to discuss your past trauma and mental health symptoms and explore how they influence your disorder. Individual therapy gives you the tools you need to reclaim the life you had before drug addiction.

Group Therapy Meetings

Group counseling sessions let you share your recovery with other patients. One of our expert therapists will guide your meetings and bring up topics to discuss. Group therapies help you stay accountable to others and remember that many patients understand your situation. You will join a community of people dedicated to improving their lives and learning new recovery skills.


How to Visit Our Greenfield Methadone Clinic

PT-1 transportation is available for qualified patients. Contact us today to learn more about your transportation assistance options.

Where to Learn More About Our Greenfield Methadone Treatment Services

You can begin your recovery journey with a click or call. Call us at 413-774-3321 or use our contact page to ask questions about our recovery programs or schedule an appointment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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