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Health Care Resource Centers Hartford Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (Mat) Program With Methadone

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At Health Care Resource Centers, we dedicate ourselves to supporting patients recovering from opioid use disorder. We promote a safe and confidential environment at our addiction treatment center in Hartford CT, where you receive personalized treatment. Our goal is to partner with each patient promptly and professionally to improve their quality of life. To achieve this mission, we provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and coordinate comprehensive care in our treatment programs.

HCRC Opioid Addiction Treatments in Hartford

When you receive our addiction treatment services, you will work with a care team of doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers. These professionals will advocate for your health and support you throughout your recovery journey. As a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) center, we take a comprehensive approach. Your treatment plan will include medication, therapy and personalized support.


Methadone-based Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Our clinic treats patients with methadone, a medicine considered the gold standard for opioid use treatment. During methadone treatment, you will visit us every day to get a dose. The medication will help you feel fewer withdrawal symptoms and aid in resisting the urge to take illicit drugs. Your regular visits can also give you structure while you get used to the treatment experience. After you meet certain benchmarks, we can give you take-home medicine in accordance with federal and state laws.

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Counseling Services

During your MAT program, you will also receive individual and group counseling. Some patients can benefit from additional family therapy services, as well.

In one-on-one counseling, your therapist will partner with you to build recovery skills. They will help you understand your opioid-related behaviors and offer thoughts on how to reframe them. During your individual therapy sessions, you will learn about rebuilding your relationships with loved ones and becoming a productive member of the community.

Group therapy provides a confidential space where you can talk about recovery with patients like you. An experienced counselor will guide you through a discussion about your treatment. You get to give and receive support in a community working toward the goal of recovery together.

If you need to rebuild relationships with family members or strengthen your support system, family counseling can help. You and your loved ones can talk about your addiction and find ways to work together in recovery.

Overdose Prevention Training

When we work together as a community, we can help people who have opioid use disorders. We welcome patients and Hartford residents to come to our overdose prevention training meetings. At these sessions, we teach attendees how to administer naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of opioids. If an overdose happens, naloxone can save the person’s life.

HIV/AIDS Screenings

People who use needles have a higher chance of developing HIV/AIDS than people who don’t. To promote our patients’ well-being, we offer screenings for HIV and AIDS. When you know your HIV status, you can receive the treatment you need to live a healthy life. We keep all testing confidential and complete the screenings in an accepting environment.


If you need transportation assistance to the treatment center, you may qualify to get Veyo rides through the Department of Social Services or free bus passes. Please contact us to learn more about help with travel. We have a convenient location close to Interstate 91 and 84 that gives out-of-town visitors easy access. You will find us in a private, unmarked building with on-site parking available.

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Let us partner with you on your path to healing and recovery from drug addiction. We provide confidential care in an environment that promotes respect for all patients. Please contact us to learn more about our programs and how to make an appointment. You may use our convenient online form or call us at 860-247-8300.

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