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Health Care Resource Centers Portland Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (Mat) Program With Methadone

Health Care Resource Centers Portland

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Health Care Resource Centers (HCRC) specializes in the treatment of opioid addiction. Our services include medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with methadone or buprenorphine in combination with individual, group and family counseling. We also offer the option of an opioid health home in our buprenorphine program as well as outpatient counseling without medication.


We have multiple services that help Portland, Maine patients with opioid recovery, including:

  • Medication-assisted treatment with methadone or buprenorphine
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Case management
  • Discharge planning
  • Community referrals

Read below to learn more about each of these forms of support.

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MAT With Methadone or Buprenorphine

When a patient participates in a MAT program, they take a medication that manages their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. HCRC supplements this medicine with support services such as therapy and case management. As a MAT patient at HCRC Portland, you can receive methadone or buprenorphine treatment. These medications will help you focus on your recovery goals and work toward a drug-free life.

Our Portland, Maine methadone clinic offers a comprehensive treatment experience. When you start methadone-based MAT, you’ll visit our clinic every day to take your medicine. This beginning phase of treatment will give you extra support as you get used to the program. Methadone has seen decades of use in the addiction field and demonstrated results.

Your HCRC physician might recommend buprenorphine as your MAT medication. While methadone can help when you have a severe opioid use disorder, buprenorphine can relieve mild to moderate symptoms. When you take buprenorphine, you fill a prescription and bring your medicine home. Our support services will help you stay committed to treatment through extra structure.

Individual, Family and Group Therapy

Every MAT program involves individual opioid use disorder counseling. We offer therapy to comply with the law and give you its proven benefits. When you take part in one-on-one opioid addiction therapy, your counselor will work with you to develop recovery skills. Each patient has a unique experience in counseling because our therapists tailor treatment to every person.

As an opioid use disorder patient, you may also benefit from family or group therapy. Our counselors offer both of these additional options so that you can get the most out of your treatment. In family counseling, family members and loved ones take part in sessions with the patient. These appointments give patients the chance to strengthen and rebuild their relationships. During group counseling, patients come together with a therapist to share their recovery experiences. Group therapy sessions help patients find solidarity and keep each other accountable.

Case Management and Discharge Planning

When you become a patient at HCRC, you’ll work with a case manager who coordinates your services. They’ll make sure your treatment team understands your recovery goals and how to help you best. If you decide to stop your MAT program, your case manager and care team can also create a plan for a safe discharge.

Community Referrals

At HCRC, we understand that recovery from opioids takes a holistic approach. To help our patients reclaim their lives, we provide referrals to community services that help with everyday necessities. Our partners can assist with food, housing and other aspects of life.


The facility is accessible via public bus transportation, and the services are eligible for free transportation for those with MaineCare insurance.

Start Your Journey to Portland, Maine Opioid Recovery

If you need assistance recovering from an addiction to opioids, HCRC can get you started on the path to a drug-free life. We welcome you to reach out to our staff online to get more information or schedule an intake.

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